Monday, 19 November 2012

Sun Grenades and Grenadine Skies (lyrics)

Sun and fire, they conspire
to keep our planets turning
Rings of ire and desire
keep our atoms burning

It's what we left behind, a shadow of negative bright light
when we close our eyes, the holographic shade the gecko
Skipped into the dark to shield against the repeat suicide
Of the young at heart
The young break and the young stop start

China Flowers
With China flowers a garden blooms somewhere
Here dower descends the gloom it's in the air
You wash your hands away with waste desire
The sourpuss face you wear cannot conspire
False truth

I see your house is built with troubled eyes
Avoiding looking where the light denies

because they made you doesn't make it fine
to shred the heart 'til nothing's left behind

This slaughter is not your childhood
This roof top is not to fly from
This goat is not their livlihood
This slaughter is not your childhood

I sway with astray temptation
It's a joke to trust in lovers
Total bust
Looks like I messed up this one

I wait for the roaring thunder
It breaks, shakes and takes me under
Total bust
Looks like I messed up this one

Inside Lines
Stay inside, dotted left solid right
Rear view, time in rewind

Undying horizon lines
Guide my tired wandering mind

I controlled the gears for you
Lined palms on the steering wheel
Sped towards the desert soil
Plied the cactus rich of spoils
Heard the howl from the deep west
Following the sunset

Still Light
I'd like to call it off tonight
I mean my mind
Seeking ideas undefined
Consolation paradise

Fall slow full moon
Still light
I'm giving in tonight

Replaced in stone by hardened times
Red line jack knifed
A truth untold buried inside
A love undesguised

Fall slow full moon
Still light
I'm giving in to you

I'll be here where you left me
waiting silently to be set free

We don't carebear where the Buddha belly rolls the hills with jelly slip and slide
With the cat wave penny in the bad mouth green toad good luck can't be bought or sold

Old wives tale you listened to
Haunted your dreams and awake you could swear they followed you

Garrisoned the ladder on the way up so that passers couldn't catch bad years like colds
Squashed the spider on the way; the countdown starts for the grey drops to wash away the paint

'til the day that this all changed
The doctor's words weren't sugar glazed, the surprise wasn't cake

Every minute you're awake you choose the edge the knife blade strips the peel of the pretend
Fix the devil in the eye with out your fear there is nothing he'd even dare to try

What you leave behind is beauty
All the time you spent with loved ones contained in their minds

There's a place I'd like to go
it's over there, but we don't know what's over there
I know it's not over so we go

There's a face I'd like to see
it's over there, but underneath
We don't know what's under the sea so we don't go

Pen That
I couldn't possibly pen that
Late insomniac memory sieve
Breath on your skin aphrodisiac
Inhale the smoke of the flashback
I couldn't catch the dream again
Tail end of futures, we began
Breath held and eyes closed
and heart paused, prayers intoned

Rose was the colour my cheeks flamed
Flecks of the warmth that the sun made
Lit up the caverns deep; your eyes
This is where happiness resides
Now it's all pastel, filtered grey
Desperately gathered ; still time strays
Mornings I wake up to relearn that I've lost you

I'd die trying
Oh I'd die trying

Tympani bellows
the rays shatter through the days
Ringlets of sorrow squeeze my body hollow
Ashes to ashes to ashes to dust
Souls to deliver to hearts that are lost

You woke up as a murderer
The change came from a seedling
and manifested as a voice
Puritan, puritan
but God said so, he told you to

It Will Rise
Sky lines ride a mile high
Lines electrified roll by wooden poles
Skipped stones mock the shadows,
ripples left by wind
Willow wearing thin

Sun cast stretch the afternoon
with the blue lagoon fulfilled and subdued

This trails not a trespass
Guided by believing
Time flies, but not so fast
Memories preceding

Sprinkles dusted on the wind
Of the songs they sung tingle on our skin

Supernova split the sky
As our cells expand until they expire

It will rise